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For mobile smart repairs

bumper scuffs scrapes dents and cracks

As a guide if the damaged area is around the size of an A4 piece of paper and splits are less than 20cm (8”) long then a repair can be completed.

If there are 3 or more such areas of damage on the same bumper we would recommend a body shop repair.


Textured bumper scuffs 

Exterior non-colour coded trims, such as side mouldings and textured bumpers, can  be repaired using modern repair methods, where as in the past they would have had to be thrown away and replaced by new ones. Textured colour coded items, such as many Renault  bumper inserts can now also be repaired using our specialised products.


Colour coded bumper scuffs 

Exterior trims, mirror casings, bumpers and motorcycle fairings that are scuffed or scratched, can be repaired and blended into the original paintwork with no obvious signs of a repair.


Split or cracked bumpers

Cracks or splits in plastic bumpers and mirror housings on most cars can be repaired by plastic welding rather than needing to be thrown away.

alfa repaired bumper alfa scuffed bumper audi bumper dent audi bumper repair

Audi bumper dent and scuff

Audi bumper dent and scuff after repair

Alfa bumper scuff

Alfa bumper scuff repaired

corsa bumper b4 corsa bumper after

Corsa bumper split

Corsa  bumper split repaired