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scratch repairs

Minor Scratches


Light scratches can usually be removed by polishing with a range of compounds from coarse to ultra fine. They do not require any repainting. Paint rectification involves a machine polish of the scratched panels to remove multiple light scratches and restore the original gloss shine.



Deeper Scratches


With deeper scratches only the damaged area is repaired, meaning the entire panel does not require repainting. Using our computerised mobile mixing system, we are able to mix over 50,000 different vehicle colours covering all manufacturers. The paint is then blended into the existing paintwork, to a near perfect match of the factory finish every time. With some damage on older vehicles it may be more cost effective to paint in the scratch by brush to reduce the visual impact.


Vandal Scratches


Vandal scratches on single vertical panels can usually be repaired but large scratches on bonnets, boot lids, roofs or multiple panels are best repaired at a bodyshop.



The process or processes to be used will be discussed at quotation time

door scratches door scratch repair

Light door scratches

Light door scratches polished out