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Bumper repairs , scratch repairs , trim and upholstry repairs , all have more details on their own pages under the services menu above.

stone chips


Stone ChipsThese can be especially unsightly on darker coloured vehicles and if allowed to remain untreated, may lead to rust forming. Using our computerised mixing system the paint is matched using the manufacturers paint code. The stone chip is then treated to help the prevention of rust. Paint is then applied to the chip with a fine artists brush or air brush to prevent future corrosion.


This repair is not as aesthetically pleasing as spraying the whole panel but is a far quicker and a more cost effective alternative. This method is not visually suitable for all colours.

paintless dent removal


Paintless Dent Removal or PDR is increasingly being used to get the dents out without resorting to using paint and filler.


Small to medium sized dents can mostly be “massaged” out without the need for repairing and painting.


Parking dents ... Who hasn’t got some -  Inconsiderate motorists opening their car doors into your car can cause little dents which can totally spoil the look of your car. The body-shop answer to these dents is to rip off the paint, fill the dents and often paint the whole side of your car! This costs a great deal often resulting in an Insurance claim. But, even worse, it means that you may lose not only your No Claims, but the originality of your paint. Unless the repairs are absolutely perfect when you come to sell your car, it will be spotted, thus depreciating the value of your car as buyers may be worried about serious accident damage.


Please contact Rob Wood at Autodents directly for a quote on 07885816611 or click on link below.

rust treatment and repair


Cosmetic surface rust on wheel arches, door bottoms, sills and window surrounds can all be repaired. Such repairs are unfortunatly not covered by our lifetime ownership guarantee.

Other services include:


Car wash scratch removal, paintwork restoration, colour coding, headlight oxidisation removal, tar and paint spot removal, if in doubt, please ring to enquire.