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For mobile smart repairs

trim and upholstry repairs

Hard plastics

We are able to perform repairs to dashboards, door trims and boot trims in most vehicles. Typical types of damage are  mobile phone holes and scuffs and scratches from objects carelessly being placed in the vehicle as well as damage by footwear to sill covers. Radio theft will often cause damage to the dashboard surrounding the radio, this can be repaired using our specialist resins and paints.


Soft plastics

We are able to repair small holes and splits on door trims, seats and dashboards.



Cigarette burns in fabric seats can be repaired to a high standard.



Many vehicles have leather seats, door panels, steering wheel covers and gear lever gaiters. Whether scratched, scuffed or worn, these leather items can be professionally repaired and re-coloured to match unworn panels.


“Prevention is better than cure” why not ask us to clean and feed your leather, this will leave it feeling supple, smelling like new and will prolong its life.

Complete colour changes can also be carried out. If a panel is considered to be past repair, we can arrange for a new panel to be stitched in.



Small holes and tears in carpets can be expertly repaired.

toyota seat toyota seat repaired

Leather seat squab before and after repair

armrestbefore armrestafter

Leather armrest before and after repair